A Breakthrough.

Ok. So I know I am behind but the WordPress ap deleted some of my posts.

NOW for the big news!!! But first a run down of what has happened over the past two weeks (roughly).

After several attempts to maintain their separation it was becoming difficult due to the door not staying closed, needing to clean the room thoroughly, and even if the door was closed and the gates were up they were climbing over them anyway.

So I started to trial letting them free roaming while I was home. Whether I was inside or out I would let them have free reign of the house. Two weeks ago Mabeline snuck past my feet as I went outside. I was nervous. She darted away from me and I was concerned she wouldn’t return or get into fights with the alley cats.

After letting her roam outside a while she let me pick her up and I took her back inside. A spark of hope lit. I was surprised but she was much calmer when confronted with Steve’s playful behavior. Throughout that day I let her out then would find her and bring her back in. A couple times I found her at the neighbors door meowing. I picked her up and she was perfectly happy with going back inside. I wouldn’t let her be out when I was away. I made sure she was inside. One day before I worked the midnight shift I took a nap and luckily I had the windows open because she was outside meowing to be let in.

It is absolutely amazing. She comes back home and when I’m outside she will come to me. She had one altercation with a stray but she was good. She kept him/her at bay and I heard them mewing so I ran out to intervene. The other cat scampered off.

Mabeline has her own water dish outside. I still don’t let her out while I’m away and I make sure she isn’t out while I am sleeping either.

She and Steve get along much better. They have even been caught sleeping in my bed together and the even sniff each other without hissing. Much much better.

This breakthrough has been life changing!!!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Growing up in a rural country town in Ohio. I have seen young to old, old to ash, brown to green then again to brown. Watching the nimble fingers of a dearly loved woman work through pain. To grow from seedlings to edibles. To grown her family from few to many. To nurture everything around her. To be a constant guiding light while allowing the crazy chaotic changes happening around her just happen. Knowing that change is natural. Knowing that without change it would be bland and lifeless. She changed much over the years without changing her heart. Knowing that all things need love and giving it forth. This is a woman of change!


Day Forty-one: Crossing Enemy Lines

I woke up early and decided to go back to sleep since it was cold and rainy, and I couldn’t do yard work as planned. Steve was sleeping next to me and snuggled up once I was awake. We continued sleeping for another two hours. He was still curled up next to me when we awoke.

Finally when we did get up Steve and I ate breakfast. He eats when I eat, a behavior he learned from Liddy. I checked on Mabeline since I shut her door because Steve kept climbing into her room. She was sitting on the floor just looking at the door. Once I opened it she came over and I petted her. Then I closed the door again. I planned to be outside most of the day and I didn’t want any issues. I know Steve would try and cause problems and I didn’t want injured cats.


Later on once I was finished with my yard work and errands, the BF and I were getting ready for bed, I went to sit with Mabeline. After the bf was ready for bed he joined us in Mabeline’s room and Steve was mewing outside the gates. We finally went to bed when Mabeline was done with us and sitting on her perch.

We crawled in bed and was talking and cuddling, we kept hearing noises from next door. Steve was out there and it sounded like he climbed over the gates, Mabeline was hissing, I went to check on them and Steve was sitting on the outside looking and pawing at Mabeline through the gate. That was good enough for me and I returned to bed. I finally seen Steve walk through the door, but felt a nudge on my back! There was Mabeline! With Steve swatting at her butt. I welcomed her then took her back to her room and closed then door. Another day we will try having mabeline in bed with us but Steve is too aggressive right now.


Another night, but this time silent! Oh dear quiet night of sleep how I love you!

Day Forty: The Battle Continues

After a horrible restless night for me because Mr. Steve was rambunctiously attempting to get Mabeline’s left over food all night. Climbing the gates, knocking them over, getting inside Mabeline’s room, eating paper in the bed, and playing with the bedroom door. I eventually had to close the door to Mabeline’s room and then deal with Steve’s mewing. Eventually he stopped but it seemed like forever!

I love my sleep. I become worse than Oscar the grouch if you wake me without good reason. Steve being selfish and wanting to eat Mabeline’s food when he has food downstairs AND had his own wet food before bed, was not a good enough reason.

I guess these are the difficult times we live in. Haha. Just kidding about that one. I have thought about my mistakes in this situation.

(ONE) I gave Mabeline more than she could eat at one time.

(TWO) I gave them the wet food at bedtime.

(THREE) I fed Steve first.

(FOUR) I left Mabeline in an unsafe environment, allowing the possibility, knowing that Steve can climb the gates, that he would.

Did I miss any other mistakes I made? I suppose as the Pet-parent, I should think of these things before I do something horrific like feed them wet food so late at night.

Well, I will chalk it up to a lesson learned and clean up the mess.

Have a great springy day!!


Day Thirty-nine: Cat Acrobatics

Well I got home and started to try and get the house cleaned up. Steve loves playing with paper and lying on tables just to push off whatever is on it. So when I’m gone for some time I have a bit of clean up to do.

After I got the major stuff cleaned up, I went upstairs to see Mabeline. Went in the room like I did previously but this time I was armed! No acrobatic cats were going to get past my first line! When I first got Steve I used a squirt bottle for discipline which actually works but then kitty dementia or attitude sets in and he attempts again to do what he wants anyway.

So I went into Mabeline’s room armed with a squirt gun (it’s actually a spray bottle) and ensure I have full view of the door. I sit on the floor and put Mabeline’s blanket on my lap. I noticed when I put her blanket on my lap then she knows its ok to sit on my lap. Such a cute gesture and Mabeline’s blanket is a “baby blanket” mom made me for the hope chest. It’s too rough for a baby but I kept it anyway.

As Mabeline is sitting on my lap and I was petting her, my fast little acrobatic Steve climbed the gate so quick I couldn’t spray him fast enough. He was inside and she was over on the bench before I knew it. I debated with myself if I should quickly scoop him up or let him explore. I decided to let him explore. Mabeline was safe and not hissing, so no problem. Steve roamed and sniffed while I watched him closely. After a couple minutes I scooped him up and set him out side the gates.

He continued to try but I was quicker! Of course through all of this he is meowing constantly and mewing his distresses of being away from me. But I let him be as long as he is not trying to climb the gates.

After awhile and Mabeline is done with me. I open up the gate and exit. Mabeline seems satisfied with our visit and Steve is excited that I’m not in there any more. I continue my chores and getting ready for work while Steve follows me about.

After work, I come in and am greeted by Steve. I set my bags down and he is all over me and meowing! I decide he deserved a treat since he didn’t knock anything off the table this time. I gave him some wet food and lovings. I took some to Mabeline and off to bed I went.



Day Thirty-six through Thirty-eight: Calm?

With Mabeline in her room with the door open and the baby gates up. You would think you would have meowing and loud hisses coming from both cats. But that has not been the case! Can’t believe that both cats have been very calm! Steve will go up to the gate and just sniff and look at Mabeline.

Ok so I am working on decorating my upstairs and I have mirrors everywhere. I have one that is angled so Mabeline can see what is coming up the stairs.

Well I caught Steve sitting looking at the mirror. He changed spots where he was sitting and looking at the mirror a couple of times. He was looking at himself at one point and another he was looking in to Mabeline’s room. He is such a weird cat. But that’s what makes him special.

Mabeline has also been very quiet lately. Usually she will meow and carry on when I go upstairs(with the door shut). I think shes calmer because she can see me when I walk around upstairs. The gates have been wonderful.

Maybe it’s time for a play date?


Day Thirty-five: Face to Face

The starts as usual cuddling with Steve in bed, then getting up to feed him, cleaning the litter boxes, visiting Mabeline….. Yep that’s where we went wrong. Visiting Mabeline. I wanted to see how the react face to face. Steve has been very curious of the room and yells at the door. There was another semi break-in where Steve was able to get around me when I first entered the room today. Once I could grab him, I stepped out of the room and re-entered holding Steve. He was ok at first but as we just stood there with Mabeline looking at him, he started to get upset. Mabeline was not showing signs of distress but she was right in front of us. I was holding Steve with one hand and petting Mabeline with the other. Once Steve started to hiss, I exited with him still in my arms. Put him down outside the room and let them both calm down.

Later I attempted taking Mabeline outside of her domain, I held on to her and let her and Steve sniff, she was almost instantly hissing and growling. This time Steve didn’t react. He just sat there looking at her as if she was stupid for acting like that. I returned her to her room and gave both of them space and time.

As the day went along I spent time with both of them playing and petting. Mabeline doesn’t seem to like to play when I’m in her room. She likes to be petted then once I leave she plays. You can hear the bells and balls from anywhere in the house. Which Steve goes crazy when she starts playing. He loves to play and is very social in that matter. When Liddy lived with us, I would toss Liddy’s toys and Steve would go after them as well. He still does it. He will bring me a ball and bring it back after I toss it across the room. He will only do this a couple of times. Another behavior he picked up from Liddy was belly rubs. He lets my rub his belly, for a little while and only on occasion. Usually when he’s calm and resting next to me, when we wake up, or when I get home. He is a very lovable cat.

Mabeline is a typical feline… Wants attention her way, doesn’t mind pulling out the claws if you don’t obey her rules, and very sensitive to where she is petted.

After I let them settle down again, I proceeded to rub each of their faces with different socks and placed them in front of them. Steve just looked at it, Mabeline went right past it with out a sniff and wanted petted. With all of the events for the day, it’s time for the gates!

Cat Sound Video

This link to cat sounds is similar to the sounds Steve has been making since Liddy moved out. He also does this when I am not in his view. I thought this would be nice to share.

Days Thirty-one Through Thirty-four: Coping

The first day after Liddy moved out Steve was a wreck. He has only been away from her for one week since he moved in here. She was here when he moved in, and she went to visit Richard in December for Christmas.

The first day was full of Steve aimlessly walking around the house meowing. It started the night before at bedtime. Knowing Liddy was suppose to be there and she wasn’t. He came to bed like normal and when he realized Liddy wasn’t there, which was quickly, he left and starting the crying out and walking around the house looking for her. When we woke up Steve wasn’t in bed but eventually came in the bedroom.

Second day, Steve was still looking for her but mostly when I was coming from outside and from under the bed. Liddy use to sleep under the bed sometimes and was very territorial of that location. Even though Steve would push his limits and go under the bed frequently. He seemed distant and lonely this day.

Third and fourth days were a little better. Not as much meowing but still looking for her. When I would visit Mabeline these past days, Steve would be outside the room crying until I came out. When Liddy was here she would be the one whimpering and such. He would be sitting nearby where he could see the door. But he now cries out, sniffs at the door and still attacks me when I leave the room with Mabeline’s scent on me.

Mabeline has been more affectionate and wanting to lay on my lap recently. This is a good thing!! Not only is she more comfortable but now her scent is on my clothes! Steve does this odd thing where he rolls around in my clothes. His previous owner told me that he would roll around in his clean litter box. But once he was moved in, he didn’t roll in his box. He would however roll in my dirty clothes! Almost as if they were scented with cat nip. Now that Mabeline is cuddling up on my clothes, I take my clothes off when I leave her room to get ready for work or bed and put them with the rest of my dirty clothes or leave them on the bedroom floor. Steve eventually will go up to them and sniff them. I am hoping that he starts to associate her scent with mine and won’t become aggressive with her scent.

Hoping to move onto the third stage soon, looking for two used baby gates.

Day Thirty: Liddy Moves Out

I woke up to Liddy laying along side my stomach in a spooning position. She can be so cute sometimes. I didn’t stir right away because I wanted to just enjoy this sweet quiet fur ball. Eventually, I had to get up since we were leaving to go for our road trip. The BF, Richard and I were going antiquing at Ohio’s heartland antique mall.

I got out of bed and ready for the day. Spent some time with Mabeline and made sure she had food and water. Started to get Liddy’s things together and Richard arrived on time. We left a little late but no big deal. We were gone for the day.

When we returned, we unloaded our findings and Richard let Liddy out. I finished getting everything together and Richard loaded it up in his car. Before I knew it she was gone and the house was quiet.

I am surprisingly emotional about her leaving. I never really considered myself a dog person. I prefer cats really, but Liddy was an exception. Maybe someday I will have another Pomeranian. MAYBE!

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